I AM a woman. My heart is sensitive. I wake early for coffee. Movement is my choice of therapy. I love big + feel ALOT. I am independent. I am a seeker of truth + beauty. 

I AM a wife. I am married to the guy in high school I was often shy of. I am an introvert- he is a strong extrovert and often the yang to my yin. xx

I AM a mama. I have been blessed in this lifetime to be given the privilege to nurture and support three little ladies.  They are my most potent teachers and occupy the greatest space in my heart. 

I AM a Registered Nurse specializing in functional medicine. I believe in the body’s innate intelligence to heal when given the right support, science and healers to look for the root cause of dis-ease. I believe our body holds all the answers to the questions we are seeking if we are willing to listen + tend to.

I AM a skin therapist. I am fascinated with the marriage of plant medicine and science of skin health- YEP, total skin nerd and proud of it! I am obsessed with what the skin reveals about our overall health, ability to detoxify, nutritional status and overall wellbeing. I simply adore helping humans to restore the vibrancy and glow of their skin while helping them to remember their most whole and authentic self. YES- we sometimes meditate while we facial…

I AM a student of yoga + meditation.  I was hooked after my first class 15 years ago. Anxiety often had strong hold of me, until yoga had a greater one. The path of yoga is one that I am forever grateful for and constantly humbled by. 

I AM a teacher of yoga, but really just a student sharing her practice. My greatest passion is to learn, my greatest desire is share the tools I have come to know that foster true health with those that feel called to it. I crave movement. I seek stillness. I long for community + connection.