A collection of signature facials designed to reveal authentic beauty from the I N S I D E O U T

We know that SKIN matters and that beauty is much deeper then skins surface but we also have a thing for clear radiant skin and we commit to bringing you the best of skin health + wellness to illuminate the many facets of YOU with a results driven approach. Stacey is passionate about bringing you a synergy of ancient facial techniques with modern day science to bring you the very best of plant medicine and skin science.  



A classic reset for your skin specializing in corneotherapy (skin correction) and lipid barrier repair. Using the science and principles of corneotherapy, this results driven treatment is specific to restoring and elevating skin health by addressing skin concerns, skin nutrition and imbalances. Think mega hydration, skin balancing and acenic correction. A double cleanse followed by an enzyme exfoliation will be provided along with a selection of active agent concentrates to correct your specific concerns, sealed with a vitamin rich serum, a custom made mask and LED light therapy to restore the skins vitamin and mineral deficiencies. A lymphatic facial massage or gua sha technique will be selected to increase circulation, stimulate and move stagnant lymph and restore the skins natural glow from the inside out. This is the marriage of plant medicine + skin science to support true skin health.

75 mins $150


A collection of ancient and timeless facial techniques to reveal what is happening beneath the skins surface. A series of multi-reflexology techniques and Dien Chan Zone theory will be explored and applied specifically to each guest. This experience activates the internal organs through a series of pressure points and meridian stimulation techniques using specific points and zones found on the face. Physical challenges, pain and emotional blockages are released as wrinkles, fine lines and skin pigmentation are addressed. The Bespoke Attune facial is holistic at its’ core as it addresses the intricate connection of mind body and skin. An enzyme exfoliation, a customized vitamin serum and nutrient dense mask will address the health of your skin while meditation and embodiment techniques will be offered to extend the benefits of well-being and peace far beyond the facial experience. Expect a synergy of wellness, restoration and science to elevate skin radiance and well-being.

60 mins $135


This facial provides you with a Health Canada approved microneedling roller (value of $200), skin analysis and the support required to get the best results at home. Microneedling is used to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and generally improve the skin's texture, micro-needling is a very effective and safe treatment. The stimulation of the fibroblast stem cell activates the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. This improves skin quality, pore size, as well as improving the appearance of acne scars. Facial also includes a double cleanse, enzyme resurfacing treatment (getting you that healthy GLOW) and a series of bespoke nutrient rich serums and day mask to increase efficacy of microneedling treatment. Be prepared to protect skin from sun following day of treatment, otherwise no downtime required.

 60 mins $275


A condensed version of the Antidote Facial to bring you an efficient and results driven facial, revealing refreshed and awake skin. A multi-step process that combines a double cleanse with an enzyme exfoliation to eliminate dead skin cells followed by LED light therapy.  A bespoke anti-oxidant rich serum will be applied and sealed with a vitamin mask to supercharge your skin’s natural healing abilities for an energized and clear complexion. Must have the full Antidote Facial prior to the Essentials. Facial massage and gua sha not included.

45 mins $100


This skin care session begins with a careful consideration of your skin care needs and concerns. It will encompass an overall review of current health status and emotional wellness. We will work together as a team to radiate authentic beauty and clear skin from the inside out. Sessions completed online with a bespoke skin care program curated to the current status of your skin and lifestyle. Email to book!

30 minute online consultation $50 + gst.